The Audit Diaries : S01E02 – The Friendly Auditee

 After positive response on Ep 01, here is another episode of our Audit diaries Season 01 – Managing Auditee. This episode is about friendly auditee, so, do read till the end and share your feedback as well.

Season 1 – Managing Auditee

Ep 02 – The Friendy Auditee

Meet the “Friendly auditee”.

They are found in every organisation, the one who is very sweet, lively and good to you from the very first day of the audit engagement. The one who tries to become your friend, the one who takes you for the “chai- sutta” breaks, the one who seems to take care of you, the one who strikes a personal connect with you by sharing some personal stories etc.

Having said that, it is not necessary that the person is doing this intentionally or has a plan behind it (that differs from person to person and also depends on the situation). Our friendly auditee might genuinely be a nice guy. but, having said that, having a personal connect with a particular person might attract bias towards him (again, knowingly or unknowingly- this is a human tendency after all) and impact your work. You might just want to ignore some petty gaps in his process, devote more time to find gaps in other processes where he is not involved and make it favourable for him.

This is what you should be alert about, the personal relationship should never impact the quality of work. The focus should never deviate from quality of work.

Conclusion: A true professional knows how to keep personal relationships and professional ethics both intact.

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