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    Alkit Jain

    5 Myths about Internal Audit :-

    1. Internal Audit is a burden(cost centre) on company : A well organised Internal audit function is boon for any company

    2. Internal Auditors are only fault finders : Internal auditors are watch dogs. They not just find faults but also provide solutions for the process lapses.

    3. Internal Audit is an easy Job : Try it and you get to know! check link in first comment for details on this one.

    4. Internal Auditors revolves around finance only : Internal audit basically covers each and every aspect of the organisation. If you are keeping yourself limited to finance, then probably you are not exactly doing internal Audit

    5. Internal Audit is a low paying job profile : No. It isn’t. If you are into core internal audit then you won’t find yourself under paid.

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