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    Alkit Jain

    Must have heard- Easy to break a stick but not a bundle of sticks!
    So What lot of newbies do, is that they put lot of small observations on the table, as the only thing they can see at that time is number of observations. Now let us understand this with an eg.
    Suppose you have put forward 3 observations
    1. Wrong data uploaded on companies website ( Product details, partner details or any other information) due to user error
    2. Maker checker process is not there for information to be uploaded on website.-Process Gap
    3. Change log not maintained for changes made on website.

    Now let us combine all sticks(observations) together

    1. Wrong information posted on company’s website because maker checker process is not in place and changes on the website could not be tracked as change log is not maintained. Also data sent in excel sheets for updation are not password protected & kept in shared folder where it can be accessed by other users

    See yourself, the weightage of latter observation. This is what you need to do. Finding a good observation is only 60% work, remaining 40% is how you present them to management. A single observation might appear meek but when smartly bundled up can be very impactful.

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